Boat repair

The GUMOTEX repair shop is intended solely for the purpose of repairing GUMOTEX boats. Repairs on boats from other manufacturers will not be carried out. In the case of damage to your boat, we can offer you the services of our repair shop.

This does not apply to manufacturing defects of boats – refer to Complaints Procedure (Business conditions). Follow the information for a successful processing of your request for repair:

Where to apply for a repair

  • n any stores marked as authorized service
  • In the repair shop of the company GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o.

The procedure to apply for repairs

1. Print and fill in the Repair Registration Sheet

Repair Registration Sheet (form here)

On the Repair Registration Sheet provide all the required data, including any specification of the damage done to the boat and your contact details.

If you require a maximum cost of repair, please include it on the Repair Registration Sheet in the REPAIR DESCRIPTION box.

If you wish to pick up the boat personally, state that on the Repair Registration Sheet in the REPAIR DESCRIPTION box, otherwise the repaired boat will be shipped by DPD. The cost of transportation is 10 € including VAT. You can also attach a photo of the damage to the boat.

2. Send the boat to the address

GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o.

Sklad hotových výrobků č. 2 – OPRAVA (Warehouse of final products No. 2 – REPAIR)

Mládežnická 3062/3a

690 02 Břeclav

Attach the printed Repair Registration Sheet or a covering letter with your full address, telephone number, e-mail address, type of boat to be repaired, brief description of the boat´s defect and the registration number of the boat (Imprinted holes on a black patch on rear of the boat, number starting with – e. g. CZ-GTXW4555F909)

In the case of personal delivery of the boat for repair, the GUMOTEX shop is also the collecting point for repairs.

Then the activity is taken over by the GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o. staff who will register your request for repair, inspect the boat and will inform you if the cost of the repair exceeds your required maximum amount for repair (if you specified an amount on the Repair Registration Sheet).

3. After the repair of the boat

You will be contacted by our staff with information about when the repaired boat will be sent to you.

The boat will be delivered by the transport service DHL and UPS. Payment for the repairs and for the transport back to you will be charged in advance with proforma invoice. (in the case of personal pick-up of the repaired boat at the company, payment in cash).

The contact person for questions regarding the repair process is: Ms. Ivana Hegnarová, email :

The place for personal pick-up (and delivery of the boat for repair) is:

GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o.

Mládežnická 3062/3a

690 02 Břeclav

Opening hours: Mo – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 16:00 p.m.

The contact person for picking up the repaired boat is email :

The date and time for a personal pick-up of the boat has to be arranged in advance!

The length of the warranty period for a repair of the defect is a maximum of 6 months from the repair.


Any boats that are not handed over for repair in accordance with the above mentioned instructions or that are not supplied with the required data will be returned to the customer´s address without any repair and at the customer’s expense.

The goods for repair must be properly cleaned. Otherwise, it will be returned at the customer´s expense or the cost of cleaning the boat will be charged to the customer.

The GUMOTEX repair shop is not obliged to accept for repair any goods that are not delivered with all the required requirements or that is contaminated.


We remind the boat users that before using the boat for the first time, it is necessary to read the User´s Manual thoroughly and to follow all instructions given therein. In particular, the boat must not be left unattended in the sun and the pressure in the tubes must be checked (GUMOTEX Coating, s.r.o. offers a pressure gauge for this purpose).

If a boat´s tube explode as a consequence of non-compliance with the instructions, the boat cannot be registered for a warranty claim!