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1.Seashine took 1st place in the Inflatable category

GUMOTEX completed its participation in the fair with a victory 

At the end of September 2023, took part in the Paddle sport show in Strasbourg, France, where we presented our new Seashine inflatable kayak in addition to the successfully redesigned Swing 2 boat.

We are excited to share our great success with you – in the INFLATABLE category, Seashine took 1st place!

Why is the new kayak so special and why did it deserve to win? It is the next step in the development of boats made of a unique high-pressure rubber textile material. It boasts a V-shaped dropstitch bottom combined with a flat rear bottom. This makes it pretty fast and very stable at the same time. Other brilliant features are also a great advantage, such as seats with the push-push valve, which are the basis of a comfortable ride during long voyages on the water, or a special waterproof zipper on the rear deck, which protects the storage space and the luggage in it.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the development, production and testing of this beauty – without them we would not have taken home the gold medal from the fair!

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