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Revolution in the field of Drop-Stitch material coating

There was a problem with Drop-Stitch material coating technology, so we developed our own. How did we do it?

It is 20 years ago that we first became interested in using Drop-Stitch material to build boats. At that time, however, it was a PVC-based coating technology. This was unfortunate for two reasons. Firstly, it did not correspond with our idea of building boats with rubber coating technology, i.e. without the use of PVC, and secondly, because there was no supplier who could produce Drop-Stitch material without a PVC coating. As a result, we therefore abandoned the idea for a while.

One of the GUMOTEX machines for the production of NITRILON®

How things have changed in the meantime! In the last few years, Drop-Stitch material and the products made from it have become very popular, especially in the SUP field (stand up paddling). It is with this trend in mind that in 2016 we revisited the idea of making boats using this material. However, this time round, we decided to go in a bold, new direction. We decided to develop our own Drop-Stitch material coating technology. The result of our endeavours was NITRILON®, a rubber-textile material that has become the the basis for all our products.

Laboratory testing of the rubber compound coating

The development journey started with numerous visits to Drop-Stitch material manufacturers and textile machine developers. With this knowledge in hand, we conducted further tests in-house, resulting in the production of the first prototypes. It was at the end of 2017, after a demanding process and various complications, that our efforts came to fruition, our very own rubber coated Drop-Stitch material – NITRILON®. The new material subsequently underwent comprehensive testing under adverse conditions and passed with flying colours!

Cross-section of boat bottom made from drop-Stitch material in combination with NITRILON®

What makes our Drop-Stitch technology unique? It is unique because it combines our very own tried-and-tested NITRILON® material with Drop-Stitch technology. Put simply, we redesigned the coating technology to reflect our own attitudes towards the environment. Unlike other manufacturers that use PVC, we produce our Drop-Stitch material with rubber. In addition, our material, which consists of 9 layers, is durable, easy to repair and pack.

We are proud of the fact that we hold the patent for this production technology and are the only company in the world to apply it.

9-layer material ensures high durability

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