Zipper Lubricant stick

ZIPPER STICK is a solid lubricant and sealant for hermetic zippers used in water environments. The lubricant protects zippers from salt deposits, oxidation, rusting and chlorine deposits in a wide range of temperatures, and ensures their watertightness. Does not contain paraffin or silicone compounds.

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132 in stock

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The use of this product for zippers used in a dry environment is not suitable. The product would absorb dust and dirt, which could cause excessive wear of the zipper.

Instructions: Unzip the zipper and remove dust and deposits with a damp cloth or a soft brush. Apply the product only from the outside to the teeth of the zipper. By repeatedly closing and opening the zipper, the preparation will be evenly distributed. If the zipper moves easily, the treatment is complete. Maintain zippers regularly and always before storing equipment after the season.

Packaging: pull-out stick, weight 2 x 4.5 g.

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