SEAWAVE – II. quality

Thanks to its long narrow shape, the SEAWAVE kayak is easy to control and very fast. It can be converted from a three-person version into a two-person or one-person kayak by moving the seats. Installation of an optional deck makes SEAWAVE a great sea kayak. Aluminium reinforcements support the deck and stiffen the kayak’s hull. The floor features a pronounced keel for handling in the wind and better tracking. SEAWAVE is an excellent touring kayak suitable also for seakayaking in sheltered waters.

17.5 kg3 personsTouristWW2


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1 in stock

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    Length (cm)455
    Width (cm)80
    Mass (kg)17,5
    Max. load capacity (kg)250
    Paddle typeKayaks
    Max number of people3 osoby
    Number of airlocks3 + 3 + 2
    Dimensions when packed (cm)68 x 43 x 30
    Max. operating pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI)0,025 ⁄ 0,25 ⁄ 3,75
    Rozměry kartonu (cm)76 x 50 x 34

    Boat equipment

    The boat comes with two seats. A third seat and cockpit can be purchased separately as accessories.

    • Vypouštěcí otvor na zádi lodi
    • Oobvodový suchý zip pro upevnění kokpitu
    • Nastavitelná opěrka nohou
    • Komfortní nafukovací sedačka s opěrkou zad
    • Madlo na přídi i zádi pro snadnou manipulaci
    • Safety rope around the perimeter of the boat
    • Úchyt pro směrovou ploutev
    • Směrová ploutev
    • Push-push valves
    • Přetlakový ventil ve dně lodi
    • Adhesive kit
    • Vodotěsný transportní vak 100l
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