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The SEASHINE is an inflatable kayak designed and adapted for navigation on the seas, and for paddling long distances on lakes, estuaries or large rivers. It provides plenty of space for one, two or three paddlers and their baggage for multi-day trips. It can be equipped wiht single or double cockpit and steering rudder.

There are several important innovations (see below) that offer the paddler new performance in terms of glide and speed in calm water, while retaining a shape that is essential for navigation in rough seas – like the other touring kayak models Seawave and Rush.


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89 in stock

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The general line of the hull is tighter than with its predecessor Seawave, which combined with SEASHINE´s length, giving a greater feeling of speed than with its predecessor Seawave.
Very pronounced rocker is one of the key points that determine the Seashine’s ability to climb waves WITHOUT submersion.

The Seashine’s hull line is modified by the fact that the bottom-Dropstitch forms a “V”: this increases the height of the boat only under a hull section of around 250 cm, slightly off-center towards the front. The effect of this particular shape is direct, the boat turns a little less easily than the Seawave model, and the boat doesn´t skid at all!

Combination of the dropstitch bottom and inflatable sidetubes is essential not only for paddling with waves across, but also for making safe landings on beaches in the event of rollers or shore-breaks.

Left picture: The flat, vertically chined bottom of kayak, (here a wide-bottomed “Full-HP”) tends to stick to the downward face of the wave, and tip over when it rolls or breaks.

Right picture: The narrower, V-shaped bottom and rounded chines of kayak  (a Seashine) allow the paddler to heel against the wave, thus avoiding capsizing.

The Seashine’s vast interior space is designed for high-performance paddling in terms of speed and glide, OR to offer modularity for 1 to 3 paddlers.

In two-seater version for performance: The two crew members are far apart, enabling them not only to use long Sea-kayak or Marathon paddles, but also to paddle with high amplitude propulsion, all without getting in each other’s way: no possible clashes between their blades.

In the three-seater version for 3 active adult paddlers: by positioning the rear seat flush with the hood, and the front seat at its maximum forward attachment point – its backrest is in this case still 1.70 m from the bow – we have created a free space of over 190 cm measured between the two inflatable backrests. That should let enough space for 3 medium-sized adult paddlers to use a Seashine with efficient propulsion.

Since 2021, the coamings of all Gumotex deck kayak models have been modified with major improvements in rigidity and efficiency: coaming edges are now horizontal and 4 cm wide on average, and the PVC stiffening tube is reinforced. These coamings also allow the use of most “Key-Hole / Big-decks” type neoprene skirts, guaranteeing optimal watertightness. This unique feature on the inflatable kayak market simply will enables the Seashine paddlers (with the right technical level!) to undertake ocean cruises beyond the 300-meter mark (D-245 Regulation in France limiting the inflatable kayaks or boards “beach gear”).


Length (cm) 470
Width (cm) 83
Weight (kg) 19
Max. load (kg) 250
Material NITRILON®
Paddle type Kayak
Max. number of persons 3 persons
Air chambers 3 + 2 + 2
Packed dimension (cm) 65 x 55 x 33
Max. operation pressure side tube,bottom,seats, footrests (Mpa / Bar / PSI) 0,025 ; 0,05 ; 0,02 ⁄ 0,25 ; 0,5 ; 0,2 / 3,75 ; 7,2 ; 3
Cardboard box dimension (cm) 72,5 x 55,5 x 32

Boat equipment


  • Adjustable footrest in front and in the back (for conversion to a single kayak)
  • Comfortable inflatable seats with Push-Push valves
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on the bow and stern
  • Peripheral Velcro for fixation of the cockpit
  • Watertight zipper on the rear deck
  • Elastic netting for fixing the baggage
  • Metal reinforcements of front and rear deck
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Repair kit
  • Valve wrench for Push-push and overpressure valve
  • Transport drybag 135l


Manual SEASHINE (4-2024)

Manual SEASHINE – cockpits (1-2024)

Instructions – metal pedal bracket (6-2023)

SEAWAVE-RUSH 2,boat rudder (6-2023)

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