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The RUSH is the first model in a new Gumotex series of hybrid kayaks with Dropstitch bottom and narrow inflatable keel integrated INTO the Dropstitch panel.

A versatile kayak of innovative design further expanding the possibilities of drop-stitch technology (keel formation). RUSH is suitable for recreation, boat wandering, calm lake levels, cruising along the seashore, as well as navigating rivers up to WW2. It is also (when equipped with the optional deck) suitable for rough seas, i.e. with swell and waves generated by wind force 3 to 6 (subject, of course, to the skill of the crew!). The main advantages are versatility, speed and stability.

Main changes compared to the original version:

  • removed dropstitch from the bow and stern spokes and replaced with „standard“ intermediate walls
  • added a new „Seashine“ seat with Push-Push valve
  • the side lines on the bow and stern are 10cm shorter to avoid hitting on them when paddling
1 person12.0 kgRecreationWW2


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A curved hull enables RUSH to climb waves. Along with other Gumotex models designed for the sea (Seawave, Seashine), RUSH is one of a few inflatable kayaks to feature a pronounced, unyielding longitudinal line. This is the key element in the shape of its hull: it enables the RUSH to climb waves and/or swell, WITHOUT bumping into them and passing through them, but instead following the wave’s ascending or descending line with fluidity without losing the speed generated by the paddler(s).
This longitudinal line is determined by the assembly angle between the Dropstitch bottom and the bow and stern panels. This hand connected angle imposes a constraint that maintains the longitudinal curve of the bottom.

Combination of the dropstitch bottom and inflatable sidetubes is essential not only for paddling with waves across, but also for making safe landings on beaches in the event of rollers or shore-breaks.

Left picture: The flat, vertically chined bottom of kayak, (here a wide-bottomed “Full-HP”) tends to stick to the downward face of the wave, and tip over when it rolls or breaks.

Right picture: The narrower, V-shaped bottom and rounded chines of kayak (a Seashine) allow the paddler to heel against the wave, thus avoiding capsizing.

Coaming edges are horizontal and 4 cm wide on average, and the PVC stiffening tube is reinforced. These coamings also allow the use of most “Big-Decks” type neoprene skirts, guaranteeing THE optimal watertightness. This unique feature on the inflatable kayak market quite.


Length (cm) 355
Width (cm) 81
Mass (kg) 12,0
Max. load capacity (kg) 150
Material NITRILON®
Paddle type Kayaks
Max number of people 1 person
Number of airlocks 3+1
Dimensions when packed (cm) 65 x 40 x 28
Max. operating pressure side tube, bottom, seat (Mpa / Bar / PSI) 0,025 ; 0,05 ; 0,02/ 0,25 ; 0,5 ; 0,2 / 3,75 ; 7,2 ; 3

Boat equipment

The cockpit it is possible to purchase separately as an accessory.

  • Rubber rope for fixation of baggage
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Comfortable inflatable seat with Push-Push valve
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on the bow and stern
  • Peripheral Velcro for fixation of the cockpit
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Valve wrench for Push-Push and overpressure valve
  • Repair kit
  • Transport drybag 100l


Manual RUSH 1,2 (1-2024)

Attachment RUSH 1,2 (1-2024)

Manual RUSH 1-024 (2-2024)

Attachment RUSH 1-024 (2-2024)

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