This rudder will make your trip with the Kayak more pleasurable with improved tracking, especially in cross winds and strong currents. You’ll be able maintain course more easily and you’re energy is more effectively channelled into forward momentum.

Installation on the boat is simple and fast. It attaches to the stern and the steering lines are routed along the sides and down to the bottom of the kayak where the steering pedal is positioned.  The rudder is easy to remove and reinstall and you’ll need to do this in shallow water to prevent damage etc.

With the rudder attached to your RUSH / SEAWAVE you’ll be able to take on the challenges of longer trips, especially in coastal locations.


220 in stock

220 in stock

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The rudder will make your kayak trip on the sea and larger water areas more comfortable and easier. It will help you maneuver and turn better. In addition, you can keep your course better even in gusty winds, strong surf or current, so that the power you put into paddling is effectively used only for forward movement. Mounting to the boat is simple, you use screws to attach it to the stern of the boat and then pull the control cables through to the pedals, which you place on the bottom of the boat. Press the pedal to change the direction of travel. The rudder can be extended out of the water while underway, e.g. in shallow water, and then lowered back into the active position. With the GUMOTEX boat rudder you can venture out on routes like never before!


Manual SEAWAVE-RUSH 2, boat rudder (6-2023)
Instructions – metal pedal bracket (2-2023)

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