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    K2 is inflatable kayak with a self-bailing floor designed specifically for white water. The kayak is very stable and forgiving, making novice kayakers more confident on more technical runs. K2 offer ample seating space and an inflatable seats for comfort plus thigh straps for better control of the kayak in rapids.
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    PULSAR 560

    PULSAR rafts are sought after by rafting operators, sports centres, water sports clubs and also for raft racing. The fast and rigid hull combined with the self-bailing inflatable bottom provides exceptional stability and very fast draining in rapids. PULSAR rafts have been chosen several times as the official race boats for the European Championships (most recently for the European Rafting Champs 2016 in Slovenia) and also the official race boat for the 2003 World Championships that took place in the Czech Republic on the Vltava River.
  • COLORADO 450 is a multi-purpose boat great for family holiday river cruising. This six-person boat is designed for sports-style paddling and with a skilled crew it handles very well even in moderate white water. The open stern provides the outflow of water in rapids. The legendary COLORADO has served on many expeditions into remote places around the world and is still the most popular team racing river boat in the Czech Republic.

    BARAKA is a 2- seater river canoe with a self-bailing bottom that can handle white water up to Gr. 3. The boat has a stiff hull with a pronounced rocker that handles well in rapids. BARAKA, Sometimes referred to as a "canoe-raft" by some professional river guides for it´s excellent rapids-clearing ability, stability and ease of turning, the qualities that are ideal even for beginners looking for an introduction to river touring in a boat that's as safe as possible!


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