The innovated ALFONSO fishing boat is mainly distinguished by its excellent stability and plenty of space for up to 3 passengers (or 2 fishermen). It can be used with oars, with paddles as a canoe, or in combination with a motor. The fastening of the transom has also been improved, which is now much more robust and can be fitted with a motor with the maximum power up to 5 hp = 3, 7 kW. A new addition – the boat has 5 bases for mounting a wide range of holders and fasteners for accessories (4 bases are placed on the side tubes because of a greater practicality, so they do not reduce the interior space of the boat, and the 5th base is intended for the eventual positioning on the middle or rear seat). With canoe paddles, without motor and oars, this boat can be used for river cruising up to the difficulty Gr. 2.

    HALIBUT is an inflatable fishing kayak, offering a new dimension in the sport of angling. Thanks to its compact dimensions when packed, it is possible to enjoy kayak fishing even in remote locations. Halibut is very stable, responsive and fast when moving on the water. The inflatable kayak floor is fitted with a marine plywood deck on its top, enabling safe standing. A raised adjustable seat makes for easy embarking and disembarking and also provides comfort while waiting for a catch.
  • Inflatable seat with backrest and fishing rod holders for ALFONSO, RUBY XL boats and HALIBUT kayak.


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