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Through the Norwegian fjords on Palava

It was our second time in Norway. Last year we rode through this Scandinavian beauty on mountain bikes. Now it’s time for inflatable boat Pálava from GUMOTEX. Thanks to the canoe we found ourselves in places we had never dreamed of.

We took a caravan and set out from our small Polish town Lublin for an adventure trip in the direction of Lublin – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Finland – Sweden and as the icing on the cake – Norwegian Loften.

Pálava is perhaps the best gift my husband could give me for our honeymoon. Initially, we were considering buying a drone, but isn’t it nicer to sail to the islands than just see them from above? The answer is clear!

And why did we choose a canoe?

  • When folded it takes almost no space and it can be carried in a backpack (once we even hitch-hiked with Pálava in the backpack).
  • It may seem to be a “small boat”, but it is an inflatable canoe designed even for wilder waters and is very resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • The benches are very stable and it is not easy to fall off of them (we did a test with a cup of coffee and no drop!).
  • It’s not teeny, on the contrary, the canoe is spacious, usually we pack a large luggage, bag and picnic basket into it.

We are getting aboard, covering wooden seats with cushions, sitting down comfortably and setting off. Welcome too, to the first trip around Loften under the pirate flag!

Author: Karolina Siwkiewicz (edited and translated)

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