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2.Karlovitz „Pupu” Kristóf, an „airship captain”

Introducing Karlovitz „Pupu” Kristóf, an „airship captain”, Gumotex enthusiast from Hungary

The friend of our Gumotex dealer from Budapest, Kajak.hu, Pupu (*1943) has been an avid outdoor athlete for 67 years. He started as a climber (High Tatras, Alps), followed by marathon and ultra-running, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, also recumbent cycling. He bought his first inflatable kayak, a Barum (old brand name of Gumotex boats) in 1977, and used it on the Hungarian rivers, the Adriatic, and the Mediterranean, off the coast of Algeria until the 1990s. In 1983 Pupu and his wife and daughter paddled the Danube from the Black Forest to Vienna. He also had a Swift kayak in Budapest, for 30 years. He then acquired a Grabner Adventure inflatable canoe in 2002, which was tested in his country and in Poland on the Krutyna and Czarna Hancza rivers as well as in Germany.

Pupu first encountered the Gumotex brand in 2008 when he bought a Sunny for his son, a boat that is being used regularly until today. Pupu had an accident in 2018 with serious injuries to his right leg and foot. As therapy, still limping, he borrowed the ten-year-old Gumotex Sunny in the March of the following year and paddled more than 1000 kilometers with it until September. It played a big role in his full recovery, in regaining his strength. Then (2019) he decided to buy himself a new one and walked into our partners Kayak shop. He chose a Twist 2, called “Twisty”. He sees his beloved kayak not just as sport equipment but as a part of his body. In the 47 months since the purchase, he paddled 8500 kilometers with Twisty. His season begins at 1 of January and ends at 31 December, with kayaking not only in the summer but also between snowy and icy riverbanks, even breaking the thin ice. Twisty’s condition is still “good as new” today. Pupu calls the inflatable kayaks airships, which has been widespread in Hungary ever since.

Pupu, the most experienced old practitioner is a big fan of Gumotex because of its clever design, excellent product quality and good value for money. He is active in many Facebook groups (for example), his posts are of great interest, with lots of likes and comments. People ask questions and get the right answers. He also launched and edits an online media Vízjáró Magazin (“water going magazine”) in which he tested various Gumotex boats, among others. Pupu organized a Gumotex test day at the Danube, where several people could try Czech products with positive experiences. His stories, personal example and advice have greatly increased the reputation and popularity of inflatable boats especially of the Gumotex kayaks, canoes, and of the Kajak.hu shop. Thanks to his help, his marketing work, we declared Pupu the “face of the air-shipping”, and also an ambassador of Gumotex brand in Hungary.

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