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6.The RUSH kayak from Gumotex scored at the Paddle Expo in Nuremberg

Břeclav, October 15, 2019 – The new RUSH kayak from the company Gumotex in Břeclav won the Product of the Year award in the category of recreational products at Europe’s largest paddling trade fair, Paddle Expo. The kayak attracted both jurors and visitors to the contracting trade fair mainly thanks to the production technology used, and the construction ensuring perfect stability, first-class riding characteristics, versatility of use and, last but not least, environmental friendliness. After last year’s victory with the THAYA kayak at the same trade fair, this repeated victory, in such a prestigious competition, is a huge success for the Czech company.

This year, the product portfolio of rubber-textile boats on offer from the company Gumotex in Břeclav has been expanded by the RUSH kayak. During the manufacturing of the RUSH kayak, the possibilities of drop-stitch technology, which consists of joining the upper and lower layers of the fabric by thousands of polyester fibres, were used and developed further. Thanks to this technology, the kayak can be inflated to a very high pressure obtaining a strength approaching the stiffness of solid materials. Whereas, on the contrary, it can be conveniently packed away after deflation. “Environment protection is also important to us in the production process. That is why we make our own materials that are not PVC-based, but which are made of natural or synthetic rubber. At the Gumotex plant in Břeclav, we develop and manufacture everything from rubber compounds to finished boats,”adds František Pálka, Director of Gumotex coating.

Gumotex team at the Paddlesport Product of the Year Awards

In addition to a significant colour change, the main news for the RUSH kayak is the hydrodynamically shaped bow of the boat, and the creation of a keel. For a more comfortable ride in poor weather conditions, the kayak can be equipped with a rudder and a removable cockpit. The RUSH kayak is designed both for recreational sailing on a calmer water surface and for sailing along the seashore as well as travelling down rivers up to a difficulty of WW2.

Since we have been awarded the Product of the Year title for the second time in a row, we have proven that the combination of the drop-stitch and our own technology with quality work done by Czech hands is unique worldwide. Winning means a renewed motivation, determination and, above all, a great joy for us. I would like to thank the whole team for their good work,”said Radka Bartošová, the sales manager of Gumotex after the winners were announced.

Product of the Year Awards at the Paddlesport competition

Paddlesport’s Product of the Year Awards are awarded annually during Europe’s largest paddling contracting trade fair, Paddle Expo, The aim of the competition is to highlight interesting and innovative products. The awarded product bears endorsement from Paddlesport throughout the following year, which significantly helps its market entry and visibility in the strong competition of European and Chinese manufacturers.

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